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Urdu On Linux

These instructions are taken from Ubuntu Forums, and will work on most Debian distros of linux.

We are going to devide this section into two sub-sections.

  1. Installing Fonts
  2. Installing Crulp phonetic keyboard layout

Installing Fonts

Create one folder on Desktop urdu-fonts or whatever name you like for the folder.
Download all Fonts into that folder, Pak Nastaleeq font is still in developing state and yet does not render on linux, it is better not to download it instead use Fajer Noori Nastaleeq.
Now open terminal window by going Applications >> Accessories >>Terminal or by shortcut key "alt+F2" and then type terminal.
Now Type these commands in your terminal.
mkdir /home/.fonts
cd ~/Desktop
cp -r urdu-fonts /home/.fonts

What above three commands have done ?? In first step we have made .fonts folder (hidden folder), second step we changed woking directory to the Desktop and in third step coppied urdu-fonts folder to .fonts folder.

Now we are done installing fonts for the current user, if you like you can do these steps using GUI by certain methods without using commands, to do so

Go to system >> Prefrences >> Font

A new window will open, click on details there.

Another window will open, click on go to font folder.

Here you can drag and drop fonts fron urdu-fonts into fonts folder

is'nt using command line is easy????

If you dont like doing above step, you can do it other way, intresting?? huh

Go to Places >> Home Folder

Press "Ctrl+H" it will open hidden files and folders in Home folder.

Right click any where in Home Folder and create folder .fonts, DO NOT FORGET (.) BEFORE fonts. It will create .fonts folder, now drag urdu-fonts into .fonts folder. Thats it.

Above step will install fonts for the active or current user only, if you have more users, you have to install fonts system wide or for each user follow above steps separately, to install fonts system wide follow these steps.

gksudo nautilus fonts:

It will open the font folder with Administrator privillages, just copy paste your fonts into that folder.

Installing phonetic keyboard

Download phonatic urdu keyboard from here or from Crulp website.

wget -c

sudo cp ur.txt /etc/X11/xkb/symbols/ur

Open your xorg.lst and add line ur Urdu under layout.

sudo gedit /etc/X11/xkb/rules/xorg.lst

add the following line under ! layout section:

ur Urdu Pakistan

Open configuration editor by following command

sudo gconf-editor

In Configuration Editor go to desktop->gnome->peripherals->keyboard->kbd->edit layouts and add "ur" (without the quotes)

Add Keyboard Indicator Applet to the Panel to switch between different languages. Right click on Panel >> Add to panel>> keyboard indicator.

Installation is complete.

Naumaan's Hack for nafees web naskh

In firefox 2.0 Nafees web naskh does not render properly, to fix this Naumaan came with a solution.

gksu "/etc/environment"

Add following line there.


Enjoy! Urdu on linux.