Super bowl

February 1, 2009
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It is super bowl weekend in United States today, apart from being biggest sports event in country, many other things are associated with super bowl event only, like expensive TV commercials, it costs million bucks for 30 seconds to advertisers this year, also controversy in commercials is  associated with super bowl, an organization named PETA which is pro vegetarian organization wanted to put their commercial which says if you eat meat, you wont be good at sex, PETA is notorious for putting such commercials and most of them are sex-meat-related commercials.
Eating meat and stake parties are also considered part of watching the game, but more interesting is about violence against women during super bowl game, either myth or truth, it is believed during super bowl there is increase in violence against women, by their loved ones who can not control emotions during the game, and off course breaking of television is also considered common practice during this event .