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Sunday,9 October 2005
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Hi people
I am going to provide all links where you can donate online, Because i know people who want to donate but dont know where can they donate. I request all pakistani Bloggers especially who blog in english please provide links where people can donate, as english blogger have more readers than urdu bloggers. Please provide any relible links where someone from overseas can donate. We all know blogger helped alot to collect donation for Tsunami victims , Now it is our time to help our own brothers and sisters by every possible way.
Here is the link to blog that is dedicated to help earthquake victims, you can find lot of links and hotline numbers there to donate South Asia earthquake help

If some one wants to donate cash or checks you can donate it any nearest branch of National Bank Of Pakistan in your area to locate a nearest NBP branch in your area you can follow this link NBP Over seas
You can donate as low as $5.00 but please donate it can bring lot of difference in helping victims.

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  1. سا ئر ہ عنبر ین says:

    May Allah bless u for all of your efforts

  2. Harris - حارث says:

    add a donation band to ur blog, get the code from (third coloumn at the end)


  3. اجمل says:

    Please read my posts about aid to the people affected by the earth quake at

    and spread the word to all your friends and well wishers in and outside Pakistan

  4. misbah says:

    good going jahanzaib.

    Allah humri ghaltiyu ko maff farmaye…Ameen

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